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Posted by Brian Joseph on February 22, 2024 Uncategorized

Petals of Praise: Recognizing Those Who Deserve It Most on Women’s Day

Sending flowers on International Women’s Day (right around the corner on March 8th) is like sending a personal shoutout to the amazing women in your life. While the mimosa flower is an icon of IWD, symbolizing incredible qualities of femininity, including sensibility and strength, don’t overlook your spring faves! Peonies, tulips, and gerbera daisies are exceptional blooms filled with gratitude and celebratory vibes, especially if you find these stems in traditional IWD colors – purple for loyalty and devotion, green for hope, and white for purity. So, who are you sending flowers to this IWD? Check out who’s at the top of our list here at The FlowerLoft, the top florist in Lima.

Female Family Members

They’ve seen you at your worst and have molded you to be your best. Your moms, grandmothers, aunts, sisters, and cousins are the O.G. influencers who have been by your side since day one! As IWD gets closer and closer, it’s time to think about showering these real-life superheroes with floral love. Of course, you’ll be thanking them for all the advice, encouragement, and time spent together throughout the years, but you’ll also be keeping your bonds tight. One of the things we love most about flowers is their ability to keep us close to loved ones, no matter if we live in our childhood bedrooms, across town, or in another state.

Your Biggest Supporters

It’s time to pause your doom-scrolling and take a beat to reflect on the people in your corner, your personal cheer squad who turn all of your “meh” days into something you proudly post on your story. Whether you call them your family, ride-or-dies, or #squadgoals, these people are more than friends. They stand with you, encourage you, and, most importantly, always have your back! Their support for women (and equality overall) overshadows their gender on IWD. So, whoever they are, send them a fresh bouquet of blooms and toast to unity and inclusivity, one petal at a time.

Mentors and Teachers

All those late nights hitting the books, trying out for the team, joining clubs, and clocking in volunteer hours were about more than just building a resume – they were about shaping your future (or mastering the art of the hustle, if you prefer). And none of it would’ve been possible without some standout teachers, coaches, and mentors along the way! You know the ones – they’ve left a lasting impression with their unique teaching styles or life lessons that have stuck with you well beyond your school years. On IWD, take a moment to honor where your journey began by sending a fresh bouquet to that mentor who set you on your path. It’s a beautiful way to acknowledge their role in helping you leap over obstacles, shatter glass ceilings, and chase down those dreams.

Inspiring Co-Workers

There’s always at least one colleague who stands out among the rest. They push you to dream bigger, inspire you to aim higher, and motivate you to put your all into everything you do. They’re the ones who believe that you can’t grow and succeed without collaboration and a strong team. Whether it’s your coffee cohort, go-to grammar goddess, or master in negotiation, the co-workers who made you forget all about those Sunday scaries deserve a little shoutout on IWD. Flowers on their desk? Brilliant idea — like when your boss decided that meeting was better left as an email.


Okay, girlfriend, listen up. If anyone deserves a bouquet of freshness on IWD, it’s definitely you. Your journey — marked by resilience, savvy decision-making, and an inner flame that has yet to burn out — has been uniquely yours. While you’ve had guidance and role models to boost your drive and determination, the goals you’ve reached and successes you’ve earned are all your own! Nobody has worked harder to make your dreams a reality than you. So, revel in your achievements and treat yourself to your favorite blooms as a way to thank yourself for never giving up. It’s a new IWD tradition we’re totally vibing with. Because you? You’re absolutely extraordinary!

Whether it’s a remarkable woman, a dedicated ally, or yourself who you want to celebrate on IWD, find the best expert guidance and the freshest spring stems at The FlowerLoft.

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