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Posted by Brian Joseph on March 14, 2023 Uncategorized

Mother’s Day Flowers That Pay Homage to Your Mom’s Unique Style

Spring is in full swing here in Ohio, which is always welcome after many months of chilly and gray winter weather. That also means spring sports are fully underway, but don’t get so caught up in the game that you forget the holiday that’s right around the corner: Mother’s Day. And since you want to ensure it’s the best one on record, consider giving your mom a gorgeous, custom bouquet of flowers, the gift that never fails to hit the mark. If you’re thrifty you can always collect wildflowers from the yard, but you’d be much wiser to work with the professionals. That’s why we here at The Flower Loft in Lima, Ohio are happy to be your flower experts, putting together a carefully-curated arrangement that will show your mother just how much she means to you.

The Healthy Snack Mom

Homemade cookies with oats and whole grains, fresh fruit that’s ripe and in season, sparkling water with infused flavors — these are just some of the weapons in the arsenal of the healthy snack mom. She’s always prepared to nourish her loved ones whether they’re out and about or simply lounging around at home. This Mother’s Day, then, why not brighten up her world with a stunning and carefully-curated arrangement of flowers featuring bountiful peonies? Folks have used these beauties for decades for their medicinal and nourishing qualities, which will return to your healthy snack mom the healing energy she always give out.

The “Always-On-The-Go” Mom

If your mom seems to constantly be on the move, balancing work, family, activities, and Even if your have a family on the smaller side, odds are your mom has a seriously busy schedule. She has to juggle her own work obligations, make sure everyone gets to their appointments and activities on time, attend any meetings at school, and the list goes on. That’s why this Mother’s Day you should surprise your always-on-the-go mom with a custom arrangement bursting with anemones, also known as wind flowers. Their unique shapes and many hues will bring joy to your mom, who is like the wind, carrying her family through the highs and lows of life with ease and grace.

The Trendy Mom

Some people are just innately keyed into in what’s popular on TikTok and Instagram, rendering them able to stay on top of trending aesthetics, hair and nails, fashion, and more without batting an eyelash. That very well might include your mother, who could be a social media star in her own right thanks to her super stylish taste and execution. If that’s the case, you can make her Mother’s Day memorable this year with a gift that’s always on-trend: a carefully-curated floral arrangement. Pro-tip: Have us build the bouquet around magenta protea, a fashionable flower that’s dressed in Pantone’s color of the year.

The “Say Cheese” Mom

Time seems to pass faster and faster with each passing year, making it increasingly important to preserve the memories that matter to you and your family. Enter the “say cheese” mom, who takes it upon herself to document each first day of school, sporting event, school musical, and graduation — all the occasions that you’ll one day look back on fondly. It takes a lot of talent and skill to do this well, which is all the more reason to give back on Mother’s Day with a beautiful arrangement of flowers. For added dramatic flair, make roses the feature of the bouquet; the “say cheese” mom will love styling them in photos, thanks to their inherently photogenic qualities.

The Pet Mom

Adopting a dog or cat is a wonderful way to enrich your life and improve your overall well-being; this is why so many people identify as pet moms and dads. And that makes sense given how attached people get to their furry friends, who are cherished and valued members of the family. So if you know a pet mom who is worthy of acknowledgement this Mother’s Day, let them know by buying them a carefully-curated bouquet of flowers. They’ll no doubt appreciate it, especially since their critter isn’t heading to the florist anytime soon. As for selection, gerbera daisies are non-toxic and come in a wide swath of bold colors — a fun celebration of nature.

When you’re ready to put in your Mother’s Day order, get in touch with the floral experts here at The Flower Loft in Lima, Ohio. We’ll work with you to create a dazzling flower arrangement that will turn drama and elegance up to 11. It’s the perfect way to show your mother just how much you love her.

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