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Posted by Brian Joseph on August 12, 2022 Uncategorized

How to Woo Your Partner & Celebrate Romance Month This August

Why is August National Romance Month?

While Valentine’s Day is celebrated in February, and many people associate this chilly winter month with romance, National Romance Month is actually in August! Six months after Valentine’s Day, February 14th, couples get another chance to bask in their love on National Romance Awareness Day, August 14th. Founded by Eileen Buchheim, the purpose of this day and month is to keep your romance alive and learn to do so all year round. With an entire month dedicated to romance, it can be challenging to find little ways every day to make your partner feel extra special. So, to give you a hand the romantic experts here at The FlowerLoft of Lima are sharing some exciting and easy ways to woo your significant other all month long.

How to Observe National Romance Month

Celebrating Romance Month should not be looked at as a month-long Valentine’s Day, but rather as a prompt to find intimacy and romance in your everyday lives. Between busy schedules, summer vacations, and daily to-do lists, romance can often fall to the wayside. Create special moments at the dinner table, send your partner encouraging text messages throughout the day, or make an effort to say “I love you” more often. Make romance, intimacy, and gratitude towards your significant other a priority this August.

TheFlowerLoftofLima Blushing Beauty Bouquet

Blushing Beauty Bouquet

Top 5 Ways to Celebrate Romance Month

Picture of young man surprising woman with flowers

Bring Home a Bouquet of Gorgeous, Fresh Flowers

Flowers have been a romantic icon for centuries, from classic romance novels to timeless works of art and even modern films and songs. Whether you surprise your loved one with a dozen red roses or fill a vase with blooms that are rich in romantic symbolism, like carnations, larkspur, alstroemeria, and orchids, you cannot go wrong. 

See a Comedy Show

We don’t have to tell you that comedy shows are an exciting, fun, and unique date idea. But did you know that laughing together can deepen your bond and romantic connection? So, dress up for a night out with your partner and enjoy a comedian.

Happy couple is hiking in mountain.

Plan a Weekend Away

If you can’t remember the last time you and your partner went on a vacation together, just the two of you, then August is the perfect time to do so. Pack your bags, remove yourself from daily distractions, and reignite your passion as you jet off on a weekend getaway.

Create a Photo Book Together

Reminiscing on fond memories and looking at pictures of your journey as a couple can transport you back in time to the moment you fell in love. Pick the best moments you have shared with your partner and create a lovely, beautiful, and meaningful photobook. Whether you create the book together or gift it to your significant other for Romance Month, it will be something you both will cherish forever.

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Relax by a Fire

Mother Nature sure knows how to set a romantic mood. Grab a blanket, jump into comfortable clothes, and cozy up with your significant other around the firepit. Listen to the slow ballad of the crackles and pops of the fire as well as the melody from the crickets and insects around you while the glow of the flames provides the only light you need.

Stay Connected With Romantic Gestures

Grand romantic gestures are always great to spice up the romance, but even more critical is the little things you do every day to make your significant other feel special, loved, seen, and heard. This August, we challenge you to incorporate meaningful romance into your everyday routine in easy and simple ways

7 Romantic Gestures that Make a BIG Impact:

  • Holding hands
  • Leaving love notes
  • Watching a movie together
  • Checking in with each other during the day
  • Kissing “good morning” and “good night”
  • Sending flowers “just because”
  • Saying “I love you”
TheFlowerLoftofLima Shared Memories Bouquet

Shared Memories Bouquet

Embrace Romance

Celebrate romance all year round! Sending flowers, planning date nights, holding hands, and saying “I love you” are not reserved for romantic holidays like Romance Month or Valentine’s Day. Show love and affection towards your partner each and every day. To celebrate all of life’s moments, The FlowerLoft is here with flowers for all occasions or “just because.”

“Flowers don’t tell, they show.”