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Posted by Brian Joseph on August 16, 2022 Uncategorized

Give Your Guests and Loved Ones the Warm Welcome They Deserve with Fresh Flowers

When family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners arrive from out of town to visit or come back home, it can be a rather joyous occasion. Here at The FlowerLoft of Lima, we believe there is no better way to celebrate or commemorate such events than with fresh, mood-boosting flowers. We all remember at least one ultra-romantic Hollywood scene where someone is warmly greeted with a large bouquet of luxurious blooms as they exit the airplane. Whether you are saying “welcome home,” “thank you for visiting,” “I’ve missed you,” or “I love you,” we have put together some creative ways for surprising guests and loved ones with symbolic and beautiful flowers.

Six Creative Ways to Surprise Guests and Loved Ones with Flowers

Present Flowers at the Airport

While many people picking up their significant other from their airport may take the romantic route and present them with a lavish bouquet of red roses, you can also make your special airport pickup creative and humorous. Stand among the chauffeurs and dress up to play the part. Make a homemade sign so your loved ones or guests can easily find you in the crowd. Perhaps your sign includes a funny joke to make them smile and giggle after their long day of traveling.

Spruce Up Your Car

Sometimes it can be hard to juggle a grand floral bouquet around the airport, especially in addition to bags, suitcases, and other luggage. In this case, spruce up your car and display their welcoming blooms on the front seat. You can even accompany the arrangement with their favorite snacks or drinks if you think they might be hungry or in need of refreshments after their flight.

Decorate Your Home

There is nothing like coming home to a lively “welcome home” party! Hang a colorful banner, blow up some balloons, and adorn your home with confetti or streamers to celebrate their arrival. Then, place their large floral arrangement on a table either next to the front door or under the banner where it can be easily spotted and admired.

Tease with a Single Stem

If you know it might be challenging to present a welcoming arrangement at the airport but still want to have a small surprise as soon as you see them, bring along a single stem. This sweet token will undoubtedly make your loved one or guest embrace their warm greeting. Then, you can present them with the full floral bouquet once you arrive at your home.

Display a Bouquet in the Guest Room

Freshening up the guest room with new linens, sheets, and rejuvenating flowers creates a relaxing, welcoming, and inviting place for your guests to unwind after their travels. Leave a note next to their charming arrangement to express your gratitude for their visit. It is also a nice sentiment to include a list of local places and recommendations for them to check out during their stay.

Enjoy Fresh Morning Blooms

Whether their flight was two hours or 20 hours, your guest or loved one will undoubtedly be ready to unwind from their day of traveling. Instead of adding more excitement to their day, especially if they arrived on an evening flight, allow them to rest before surprising them with flowers. When they wake up the next day, help them start their morning with a homemade breakfast, freshly brewed coffee or tea, and a magnificent bouquet of flowers. This is the perfect way for you to catch up and chat once everyone has had a great night’s sleep.

Flowers have been used as a way to welcome loved ones and visitors to town for centuries. Today, as with most traditions, this symbolic gesture has evolved as people continue to get creative and put their individual spin on things. Purchase your own bouquet of welcoming blooms when you visit us here at The FlowerLoft of Lima.

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