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Posted by Brian Joseph on December 12, 2023 Uncategorized

Fresh Valentine’s Day Blooms & Plants He Will Love

Valentine’s Day is a chance to show the man in your life how deeply he is admired and appreciated. At The FlowerLoft, the best florist in Lima, OH, we believe in celebrating your love for one another with fresh, thoughtful plants and bright, beautiful blooms. Despite only 12% of men ever experiencing the joy of receiving flowers, the Society of American Florists discovered that 60% of men would actually love to be gifted fresh stems. Receiving a bouquet of flowers fosters intimacy, eye contact, and communication, and there’s no better time to strengthen your connection with your partner than on Valentine’s Day. The perfect plant or bouquet is like an ensemble of your affection and can be based on his unique style and the cherished memories you share. The flowers’ sweet scents and hues may bring him back to childhood or even your first date. If you’re unsure where to start, our guide to a fresh Valentine’s Day gift for your man is filled with plants and flowers that he will love.

Green Houseplants

Go green this Valentine’s Day with a vibrant plant for your partner. These leafy green gifts are a pretty sight with numerous benefits, such as purifying the air, enhancing mood, and reducing stress—truly a gift that keeps on giving. A plant allows him to tap into his nurturing side and reflects the tenderness and attention he invests into your relationship. As he watches the plant thrive under his care, it serves as a daily reminder of the growth and potential left to be uncovered within your romantic relationship.


If your man lacks a green thumb, consider gifting him a sweet succulent to get him going as a “plant dad.” These trendy plants are low-maintenance, thrive with just the bare necessities, and reflect the enduring qualities of your relationship. A succulent on his desk at work will be a constant reminder of strength, resilience, and the beauty of a love that doesn’t falter when faced with life’s arid stretches.

Flowering Plants

Convey a message of lasting tranquility and enduring love this Valentine’s Day with a flowering plant, such as a white orchid. Celebrated for their stress-reducing qualities, orchids offer a sense of calm and require minimal upkeep. As these plants flourish over time, so too does the message they carry—that love, like their alluring, delicate blooms, can revive and thrive year after year.

Bright Blooms

Light up his world with a splash of sunshine and a bouquet bursting with vibrant orange, red, and yellow flowers. These energizing and motivating firey hues of love can also reflect his dynamic personality while bringing a heartwarming smile to his face. Bright blooms send a message of warmth, positivity, and joy that he’s sure to cherish this Valentine’s Day.

Red Roses

Red roses speak the most romantic language to hearts all over the world. These classic Valentine’s Day icons shouldn’t be left only for women to receive. Share this timeless symbol of love with your boyfriend or husband and watch his heart explode. It’s a way to show that love transcends all, binding us closer with a shared emotion. Red roses provide a sensory embrace, wrapping your loved one in comfort, love, and bliss.

Valentine’s Day is an opportunity to celebrate love in all forms, including love for nature. Surprise your man with a fresh, vibrant plant or brilliant bouquet of blooms from The FlowerLoft to honor your love and connection.

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